Do You dream of becoming a model? The Fashion Hero is searching for both men and women ages 16 to 40 yrs, all sizes wanted!!!!

January 21st, 2014 Author: shelly

If You dream about being a Fashion model and maybe you are not a size 6, Today is your lucky day because The Fashion Hero is Looking for YOU! The Fashion hero is searching for both men and women ages 16fashionidol-thumbs-landing

yrs to 40 yrs. All sizes wanted!!!!! ONLY 10 calendar days left for potential members to register on The Fashion Hero for ONLY $9.99!!!!

The early bird registrations are EXTREMELY beneficial to the members; not only do YOU pay a tiny season fee, but the earlier YOU register, the more votes YOU can get, the higher the chances of being selected as a finalist and go directly to the finale (5 most voted, every month will be invited directly to Mexico as finalist)


Go to

Our next scheduled Fashion Hero event will be the Southern Parade of Pageants,Feb. 22nd in Slidell, Louisiana. Our Southern States Fashion Hero Photographer Christina will be on hand to take head shots for those needing a GREAT photo to up load for your Fashion Hero Profile. For more info on our event or how to become a contestant, go to

Shelly Winters Black
Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee
Pamela Quinland
Mississippi, Georgia and Florida

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Shelly takes on a New Hat in the Fashion & Entertainment Industry

October 14th, 2013 Author: shelly

The Fashion Hero Beauty World search is on. The Fashion Hero will launch November 2013 and Shelly will be promoting the states of Alabama,Tennessee and Kentucky. We are searching for men and women between the ages of 18 and 40 years.

Self-esteem Program

The Fashion Herofashionidol-thumbs-landing

The Fashion Hero is a global promotion offering everyone a chance to make their dreams come true by changing the rules of today’s modeling industry. And it all starts with a strong self-esteem program that promotes beauty from the inside out, regardless of body shape, skin color, height, weight…

International Events

The Fashion Hero will visit lots of shopping malls, participate in numerous events, and conduct a variety of casting calls in small villages and big cities across the planet in search of everyday people to represent global brands in future advertising and promotional campaigns.


Web Portal

The Fashion Hero web portal will connect aspiring models with consumers around the world through our sponsoring brands. They’ll talk about new trends, offer tips, advice, and share experiences everyone can relate to.

TV Show

The Fashion Hero TV show will present the finale of a unique modeling competition that steps way out of the box to discover male and female models who don’t fit the supermodel mold, but can connect with consumers in every corner of the globe.



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Shelly featured on OMG Insider

July 25th, 2013 Author: shelly

http://It was a pleasure to have worked with some of the contestants from different states this past week at the Miss Plus America Pageant that was held in Monroe, Louisiana. This is the Pageants 11th year and I have serviced these ladies over the years with Pageant Coaching, hair and Make-Up services as well an wardrobe consultation. This year one of my clients captured the Elite Title, Angela Ce Ce Harris and Ms. Plus America is Angela Szpak, from New York. The MPA is the most organized and caring pageant system that I have ever been affiliated with over my many years in the Business. Ladies dress size 14 and larger that wish to pursue the CROWN, should consider competing in the MPA. Check out the video coverage with E.T.

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An 8th grader interviews Shelly for her school project

February 21st, 2013 Author: Shelly

Kadey Holm, an eighth Grader at Ellendale Public School in North Dakota Interviews Shelly about beauty pageants.

Dear Mrs. Shelly, here is a list of my questions for you.

1. Were you ever in a beauty pageant?

The first beauty pageant I entered was in 1992, The Mrs. Louisiana
America Pageant. The Mrs. America system is catered to the married
woman. I was 27 years old and was hooked on Pageantry my first try!

2. If so, what have they taught or how did they benefit you, if they did?

I learned first hand, how to carry and control a conversation that was
centered on me as the contestant. I developed better interview skills,
broadened my vocabulary as well as learned and discovered what it was
that I wanted to achieve in my life time.

3. What is the difference between glitz and natural pageants?

The Glitz pageants for children are all about putting on a show! It is
Entertainment mixed with beauty competition. The contestants are
expected to have a routine and they sometimes wear fancy competition
dresses, fake hair, fake teeth, false eyelashes, artificial tans. Glitz
pageants can become very expensive for the parent. if the child enjoys
this type of pageant, she is off to the races, so to speak. Both
parent and contestant can have a load of fun together.

Natural pageants are more relaxed in routines. Basic modeling in
beauty is usually expected of the contestant. Little or no make-up is
required. The dress attire may be a fancy dress of a Sunday type
casual wear. The children seem to be more relaxed as well as the
parent. The experience may even cost less. The Natural Pageants are
less intimidating to both the parent and the contestant and usually
ends up being an enjoyable experience.

4. Which do you prefer?

As a pageant director, I prefer hosting the natural pageants for
children. Ages ranging from new born to the pre teen contestants.
Starting with teen contestants, I prefer glamour makeup, hair and
formal pageant gowns. We have divisions starting with Teen
contestants thru Miss, Mrs. Ms. and Classic.

5. If you really want to win at a local pageant, about how much does it cost?

The fees are different is all pageants. Usually a local pageant is
around $75 to $100 for the entry fee. The cost of the gown or dress
can range from $100 to $400 for older contestants and less expensive
for the children if it is a natural pageant. Maybe around $60 to $100
for children’s attire. If the attire is Glitz for children, this can
range anywhere from $400 to $1000 for the competition dresses or if
you can purchase a used dress, this is the way to go.

6. If you have kids, and put them in a pageant, do you think that
benefited them? If so, how did it benefit them?

I put my son is a few pageants when he was a baby and he won everyone
of them. The parents attitude is really important as well as the
support system at these events. The family is who benefits from
pageants when the children are very young to the age of 2 years of

The children that I have witnessed first hand as a director and Emcee
all seem to benefit is some kind of a way. All taking with them an
experience that can lead to positive self esteem, getting over stage
fright, learning to accept loss as well as winning and the art of
healthy competition.

The children enjoy the prizes, awards, trophies,toys and the crowns
that are awarded.

Both the parents and contestant will have memories that will last them
a life time.

Yours in Pageantry,
Shelly Winters Black

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Pageant Countdown Calender with Shelly

February 21st, 2013 Author: Shelly

Pageant Countdown Calender

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Teen Camellia City captures the Miss Louisiana Teen Crown!

October 29th, 2012 Author: Shelly
Teen Louisiana USA 2013

Teen Camellia City wins Teen Louisiana USA 2013

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Pageant Calender CountDown for FREE

October 7th, 2012 Author: Shelly

Wanted to share My Pageant Countdown with you. Enjoy the free gift!!!! Good luck to all the ladies competing for the upcoming Miss & teen Louisiana USA Pageant this month in Lafayette.

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Making appearances are vital in developing your communication skills!

August 25th, 2012 Author: Shelly

Making appearances are vital in developing your communication skills!

Did you know that you can practice your pageant interview skills while participating in local appearances? Suggested tips below.

Practice introducing yourself. You’d be surprised by how many pageant contestants feel a little awkward when introducing themselves to others. It takes a lot of confidence to walk into a situation and introduce yourself to the people you’re meeting. But just by practicing the art of introducing yourself, you’ll gain poise and self confidence that will pay off in the interview room. When at an appearance, make a point of introducing yourself to as many new people as possible. If it’s a small group, make sure you introduce yourself to everyone there. If it’s a larger group, make a goal for yourself based on the number of people there and how much time you have. Say hello, mention your name and title, look at them in the eyes and shake the person’s hand. By working on your introduction skills, your confidence will grow and you’ll feel better prepared to meet your next set of judges!

Try Talking to people you don’t already know. Most of us interact with the same people every day, day in and day out. So, make a point of talking with as many people as possible at your appearance that you don’t already know. This exercise will increase your ability to speak effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds and develop your ability to find some common ground for a brief conversation.

Miss Lake Charles USA 2012

Miss Lake Charles USA is Jamie Roddy

When making appearances as a Queen, wearing your crown and banner is important for both your pageant director and your self. This is part of your responsibility as a title holder. Using the visibility of the crown and banner will open many doors for you on both a professional and personal level. So when making appearances, Wear the Banner Of Opportunity proudly!

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Pageant Success BluePrint only $39.95

April 6th, 2012 Author: Shelly

The Pageant Success Blueprint E Book is now available for only $39.95. The E Book will get you started and help prepare you for your first pageant competition or even boost your level of competition. Knowledge and preparation are the key to achieving excellence in the pageant industry. So let me assist you in Your Pageant Quest for the Crown!

Click on the E Book to get started. I will email you the link to download. remember to save the link in a File for future use.

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Miss Camellia City wins Miss Louisiana USA 2012!

December 21st, 2011 Author: Shelly

Miss Camellia City USA, Erin Edmiston was crowned Miss Louisiana USA 2012 on October 29Th in Lafayette, Louisiana. Erin represented the Miss Camellia City Pageant which is a prelim to the Miss USA pageant owned by Donald Trump. Page Pennock, Miss Louisiana USA 2011 crowned the new Miss Louisiana. Page is also a former Miss Camellia City winner. It’s Director,  Shelly Black says that it is critical to the directors to have the very best coaches, wardrobe consultants and professionals that work in the industry at their disposal. It takes a tremendous amount of effort from the title holder to all that are involved in achieving it’s victory. Thank you to the many folks that were involved in Erin’s win as Miss Louisiana USA. We all look forward to Erin representing Louisiana at the Miss USA Pageant that will be televised from Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2012!

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