Hey guys here is another question I get quite frequently from girls and even mothers about the pageant industry.
What are the requirements and duties of a title holder?



Since every pageant and pageant systems have different rules that is a hard question to answer in a general way. The best way to find out is call the director and ask. 


Usually the title holder is required to make appearances to represent the title. Some pageants ask that you fulfill a certain amount of obligations a year. I ask my title holders to make six a year for the pageants I direct. 


It is to your own benefit to fit in as many extra appearances on your own that you can fit into your own schedule. These appearances sharpen your pageantry amd presentation skills. Plus you can build a fan base for your pageant career. You will make a lot of contacts that make help your other business endeavors. 


You may be asked to make appearances at charity events, social extravaganzas, ride in parades, retirement homes, high school football games, etc. 


If the pageant doesn't have in's own non-profit, charity or other worthy cause for you to speak on the use the opportunity to promote Your own special cause.  Definetly offer to go to other pageants. Offer to assist the director by doing behind the scenes type jobs. One job that keeps you visible to the audience is as a Specialty Judge. Your job will be to pick up the judges score sheets and bring them to the auditor who tallys the contestants rankings.  I ask my title holders to make six a year for the pageants I direct. 


If you ride in parades try to find some one who owns a classic convertible automobile. You might have an uncle or cousin with a cool car. Tell him its a great way to meet chicks. Use your psychology and sales skills.


Make this reign the most exciting and satisfying experience possible. 


If you want to be a titleholder for a beauty pageant be prepared to take the ride of your life. Your director will expect it of you so tell her in advance that you look forward to representing her pageant. Let the judges know and let the audience know through your words, your attitude and the stunning image you display. 



Yours in Pageantry 


Shelly the Pageant Coach 



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